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May be you are looking to sell clothing via an online marketplace or through your own website? If this is the case, then you’ll definitely want to ensure that every detail of your apparel offerings is perfectly visible to your potential customers. We know that you’ll also want the quality of your images to be top-notch so that your store offerings can be set apart from your competitor’s products.

Clothing is unique when it comes to E-commerce. If you have sub-par images, details will be missing from the fabric type, interesting features on the item itself will be missing, and the clothing item itself can appear flat. We don’t want this to happen for you, because when this happens, your customers might see fewer reasons to purchase your items. In the end, your business can suffer. See how Propixel can help with high-quality images standards based on the E-commerce compliant.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

To remove the background from a product image or any object. You need to make it ready for webshop.

Let’s make apparel product images beautiful. Can you see how neck joint is the best way to that?

How Apparel Photo Editing Works

When it’s time to edit the images of clothing items, there are plenty of different techniques that can be used to make your apparel looking really appealing to your customers. First, there is image clipping, which can remove the image from its current background and put it on a neutral background that makes the image pop.

Then, with Photoshop and other image manipulation techniques, an invisible mannequin/ghost effect  can be achieved. With this technique, the mannequin displaying your clothing articles can be removed digitally. The clothing item will appear like floating there; not only will this allow the clothing item to still appear form-fitting, but it’ll also accentuate the curves and details of the apparel item.

Why Consider

Our team of professional photo editors understand that you want your clothing articles or apparel items to appear their best. We know that you can drive your business with the best images quality. At Propixel, we can edit your photos so that your clothing appears more vibrant, we can also remove unwanted accessories, straighten out the image, and remove stains; in fact, we can even use software to iron out the image so that the clothes appear freshly pressed.

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