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When you want to drive online sales, the E-commerce platforms have specific requirements that you’ll have to comply with before you get started. Normally, this requires that your images have a uniform look and there can’t be extra images or objects in the background. Why? Because that detract from the primary image and the focus is lost. Additionally, websites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify all have image requirements that tell you exactly what features your images need to have in order to be compliant. That’s an extra reason why were are there for our clients!

Making Your Images Look Uniform

When you’re planning on using the E-commerce platforms, you will need to be more than 100 percent sure that your images and products look uniform and have a top-notch visual quality. This means that you’ll have to have the optimal sizing for cross-platform selling, and you might have to compromise in order to meet SEO standards and technical requirements.

The fact that your product has a uniform line means that the images that you have presented on these E-commerce platforms should have a relatively similar sizing. Images need to look similar enough to not appear visually busy, they also need a high resolution, and they should all have the same background.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

Make clipping and remove the background. Here, clients wanted white background.

Remove background and put the pure white background. That makes the website showing this great product image.

Why Consider ProPixel?

Propixel company understands exactly how important it is to have the highest quality images for E-commerce platforms. As a result, when we perform image processing, we always ensure that the produced images are E-commerce compliant for every platform and that images don’t have a massive background. In this way, the images won’t detract from the final product. We also understand how clipping path, image masking, and other techniques can boost sales, which is why we ensure that we only have the best graphical professionals on-staff for our clients.

Our staff utilizes the most effective initiatives and latest Photoshop methodologies in order to guarantee that your images are ready for the E-commerce platforms. With many years of experience, each staff member has what it takes to perform all editing work by hand.

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