PHOTOSHOP CLIPPING PATHS Digital photo cut-out

The best way to explain the clipping path process is to compare it to a traditional cutout. It’s like when you cut an image with scissors from a magazine. Once you got it out of its original background, you can put the image on a different one. The idea of clipping path is similar to this process.

You might hear of “closed vector path”, the Photoshop clipping path technique which takes a “deep etch” of the image and allows you to completely remove the subject. By using Photoshop program, we can apply lines to the subject image so that everything within the boundaries is removed from the overall image. You might wonder why this has been done to your images… Well, from time to time, a background can make an image too busy, and when this happens, it detracts and takes the focus away from the main subject of the image. Let’s see what Photoshop clipping path tool does to your product image.

Are clipping path techniques always advisable?

Clipping patch technology through Photoshop isn’t always the best course of action. Some exceptions can occur when there are hard-to-define edges on an image. How do we solve the problem? We simply use another technique. Frequent situations are when the edges of an image are fuzzy, when there’s hair involved, or when there’s transparency around the edge of the image.

Type of image or need

Example – before

Example – after

Using Photoshop clipping path to remove the background from a product image or an object makes a great looking soft shadow.

Using Photoshop clipping path to remove the background now makes the furniture looking great. Don’t you think?

Why Consider ProPixel?

At Propixel, we have experiment staff that knows exactly how to work with techniques that ensure that your image processing jobs are done with a high degree of professionalism, high skill knowledge, and top quality. When you need a high quality defined image, it’s in your best interest to hire professionals.

How Pro pixel team executes clipping path techniques?

We have many skilled graphical designers’ on-staff that have many years of experience using software like Photoshop to produce the best quality images that we possibly can. Pro pixel professional graphics handle the pen tool skillfully to create a perfectly aligned deep etch and they understand other tools such as the magic wand when creating paths.

Not only can our Pro pixel team execute thousands of jobs for larger-scale clients, but we also have no problem performing tasks for people that just need a few images clipped.

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